1:What is the definition of an Echinoderm?

A: Usually semeterical (e.g a starfish)
B: A small furry creature (e.g a mouse)
C: An animal that always has a shell (e.g a snail)


2:How many different species of Echinoderms anre there?

A: 7,000 (aprox.)
B: 70,000 "
C: 700,000 "


3:This makes them….

A: The largest group of Deuterostomes
B: The 2nd largest group
C: The 3rd largest group

(Deuterostomes are a sub-section of animals)


4: The word Echinoderm comes from the Greek word ἐχινοδέρματα (echinodermata). This means….

A: Smooth Skin
B: Scaley Skin
C: Spiney Skin

5: When do most Echinoderms become sexually mature?

A: 1-2 years old
B: 2-3 years old
C: 3-4 years old


6: How long do Echinoderms live? (Aprox.)

A: 5-15 years
B: 3-10 years
C: 2-7 years


7: What do Echinoderms eat?

A: Algi
B: Plankton
C: Small plants and bits of dead meat.


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